2010 Handmade Holiday Sale

Images from the sale are available here.

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Craft Sale (TAYGCS) and the Manitoba Craft Council’s Handmade Holiday Sale joined forces to produce a mega craft event on Friday, November 26, 2010 at the West End Cultural Centre.  With work by over 40 craft artists, live music on stage, food and a cash bar, organizers entertained a large crowd with many visitors staying on for an evening of fun.
“In a season flooded with craft sales, combining our events and sharing resources made sense on so many levels,” says Tammy Sutherland, programme coordinator with the Manitoba Craft Council (MCC).  “We approached TAYGCS about partnering because we love what they do, they do it well and our groups complement each other perfectly.  We’re both totally passionate about contemporary craft and want to do all we can to promote it locally.”
TAYGCS, for their part, was eager to collaborate with the MCC because “we want to show to our regular crafters and guests that craft can look very “crafty” or it can also look very refined, like the work in the MCC sale,” says TAYGCS organizer Roy Liang.  “Also, the bigger the better is my motto! Forty plus local crafters/artists under one roof will be amazing!”
“There’s lot of potential in combining audiences,” says Kristin Nelson, one of the founders of TAYGCS and a current board member of the MCC.  “Parents can come and get stuff that their “kids” would like and vice versa.  It’s kind of cross-craftural.”  “If we can ride the coattails of their “cool” and they can benefit from our “class,” it’s a match that serves everyone from the artists to the visitors,” says Sutherland.