Winnipeg Folk Festival Prairie Outdoor Exhibition

The Prairie Outdoor Exhibition is a sprawling outdoor gallery in Birds Hill Provincial Park held during the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

The festival is looking for visual artists to exhibit work in this beautiful outdoor setting. Experience this unique outdoor gallery and create something that will inspire, engage, challenge and amuse our festival patrons.

  • Display your work! The majority of spaces are open fields, where the work can be freestanding. Work can also be installed in trees, tents, on fences or trailers.
  • Transform a stage venue! Create a stage backdrop, paint a lock box, or design a sound tower scrim. Contact us for specs.
  • Engage the public! Propose an interactive project that will engage our audience in the art making process: a workshop, group project…

When submitting proposals please consider safety, ease of installation and removal, lasting impact on the natural environment, and the ability of the work to withstand sun, wind, rain, and curious patrons/children. Artists are responsible for installing and removing work.
Participating artists will receive an artist fee and a pass to the festival.
Download the 2012 Prairie Outdoor Exhibition Application
The deadline to apply is January 30th, 2012
Please fill out a Prairie Outdoor Exhibition application form. Send proposals to the attention of: Prairie Outdoor Exhibition #203-211 Bannatyne Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3B 3P2