Exchange District BIZ – Visual Artists & Curators

Are you a local artist and/or curator looking for FREE exposure; apply to the Pop-Up Art in the Exchange program today!
Pop-Up Art in the Exchange is inspired by Chicago’s Pop-Up Art Loop, which “transforms empty storefronts into a moveable feast of public art galleries, exhibits and studios” ( Introduced in Winnipeg in 2011, the initiative converts vacant real estate into new temporary art spaces to create energy, excitement and additional foot traffic in the cultural Mecca of the Exchange District.
How Pop-Up Art in the Exchange Works
–    The Exchange District BIZ identifies temporary exhibition sites inside vacant storefronts and public spaces.
–    Artwork in a variety of media from individuals and groups will be sought including, 2D visual art, sculpture, video and/or new media, installations.
–    There is no entry fee or rental fee to the artist. Property owners allow artists to display their work in windows of vacant spaces until specified by the Exchange District BIZ. The artist is responsible for mounting displays. The landlord is responsible for providing access to power and standard lighting.
–    When space is rented, artists are given a maximum of 10 days to remove work. Space must be left in the same or better condition that it was found. Clean-up and dismantling is the responsibility of the artist.
–    Showcase your work in prime location/ space at no cost.
–    Marketing and publicity via the Pop-Up Art in the Exchange Program and the Exchange District BIZ.
Selection Process
To be considered, please submit a complete application form (below), which will be reviewed by the Exchange District BIZ. The criteria for selection will be the quality, engagement and originality of the work. Selected artists will be matched with a space that meets their needs/requirements as it becomes available.
Artists’ Responsibilities
–    All accepted artists will be required to sign a contract outlining the terms of the individual agreement.
–    Design, install, maintain, and dismantle the installation (this includes any necessary build out, temporary walls, painting, electrical, etc.).
–    Provide all installation materials.
–    Upon notification by property owner, return vacant space to original condition within the time period requested.
Exchange District BIZ Responsibilities
–    Find and secure appropriate locations at no charge to the artist.
–    Act as point of contact for artist.
–    Schedule and coordinate artist load-in.
–    Provide publicity and marketing support (media alerts, Web site presence, links to artist sites, press release, signage, etc.).
The Exchange District BIZ will only contact accepted submissions; upon which the artist and the Exchange District BIZ will coordinate the installation.
The Exchange District BIZ is now accepting submissions until April 1, 2012. Return completed application form by email to[email protected].
To submit a proposal or disc in person or by mail, send it to:
Pop-Up Art in the Exchange
The Exchange District BIZ
2nd Floor – 133 Albert Street
Old Market Square
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1G6
For questions, email [email protected] or call
204. 942.6716.
For more information or to download an application form please visit