First Friday Opening :: Featuring Ditte Cloutier

Nov 2, 5-9 pm

at MCC, 553-70 Arthur Street

MCC presents: Textile Work by Ditte Cloutier
Ditte states: “My artistic explorations offer me a definite way of working with the elusive threads of life.  Fabric art has become my way.  Textiles invite the viewer to find comfort and acknowledge memories using the sense of sight and the very primal sense, touch.  Fabric offers a powerful visual catalyst for emotions and feelings.
Like most artists I solve problems by creating.  My artistic practice includes exploring techniques which respect and honour the universal and historical human response to textiles.  At the same time, I embrace the opportunities available through modern technological advances such as digital printing and various surface design techniques.”

Pictured above: Curls Make Me Crazy
 ”This is a true story now embodied for future generations in fabric sculpture.  Before the advent of straightening irons, I spent many an hour bent over the ironing board. I have given form to this repetitive activity in a playful interpretation. The psychedelic colours are reminiscent of a time when my curls made me crazy. Fabric sculpting technique learned from Susan Else of Santa Cruz, CA.”


Please contact us re: office/viewing hours at info@localhost:8888 or call us at 946-0803 (we do not have regular gallery hours, but are open for viewing whenever staff are present in the office).


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