Let's talk about CRAFT!

Following months of dreaming, scheming, and grant-writing, the MCC is excited to be launching the newest addition to its social media family – a BLOG!  Thanks to a grant from Manitoba Lotteries, the proposed “blogging pilot project” is finally seeing the light of day.
So, what can you expect to see here?  The new blog is intended to be a place of on-going conversation between writers, curators, critics, academics, guest artists and YOU.  The topic?  Contemporary craft, of course!
In the coming months you’ll be seeing lots of high-quality content here – posts that delve more deeply into craft theory and practice.  You’ll see reviews of contemporary craft exhibitions, books and publications.  You’ll go behind the scenes on exhibitions, getting inside the minds of curators as they work through the various levels of research and preparation leading up to opening night.  You’ll be drawn into public debate on some of the many questions and conundrums attendant to producing and consuming craft in the 21st century.  You’ll find feature posts highlighting local retail and exhibition spaces as well as all the info you’ll need to access those resources, as makers and buyers of craft.
And of course, we can’t be totally serious and intellectual all the time!  The blog will be a place to scope out the latest news about what’s happening in the local Manitoba craft scene – awards won, grants received, commissions completed, and current projects.  Keep your eyes peeled for Flashback Friday starting on April 19 – a weekly post featuring material fresh out of our archives – and see if you recognize some of the faces there (Alan Lacovetsky with dreadlocks, anyone?!)  We’ll also post links to other sites highlighting the curious, comical and kooky sides of craft.
Oh, and did we forget to mention your job?  As a Craft Council member or supporter, it’s your job to read the posts and COMMENT.  As you know, it takes two to make a conversation, so we’re calling on you to keep up your end of the dialogue.  Whether you have a little or a lot to say, the comments section under each post is your personal soapbox.  So step right up and be heard.
For those of you with something to share and an inclination towards writing, you can also submit your ideas for posts to info@localhost:8888.  We’re on the lookout for writers and reviewers, so don’t be shy.  While the honoraria we offer is modest, the platform is solid.
Thanks again to the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation for funding this blogging project and to the Arts Branch, Government of Manitoba, for on-going operational funding.
Let the crafty conversation begin.