Flashback Friday :: A fragile art

Looking through our member archives box today, I was again reminded of how much things shift over time.  So many file tags show familiar names, but just as many are a mystery to me.  Who are these craftspeople?  What was their contribution to the life of craft in this province?  And where are they now?
Today I was drawn to the work of Susan Barton Tait.  The images of her work in exhibition catalogues and invitations show delicately crafted, intimate, fragile and haunting paper pieces.  We offer up this little glimpse into Susan’s paper work from the 1990s, and invite you to think about those artists who have made Winnipeg their home for a significant period and have since moved on, leaving a bit of their work, and spirit, behind.
Barton Tait1 Barton TaitBarton Tait 2