Flashback Friday :: From the Field

Out of the archives this week is work by self-taught wheat weaver, Vickie Pedersen.  While it’s not uncommon for me to reach deeply into the historical files and discover a craft artist I don’t know, finding someone who is working in an unfamiliar craft technique is rare.  While wheat weaving is not totally foreign to me, I’m not accustomed to seeing work that pushes the bounds of this technique past Christmas tree ornaments.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with Christmas tree ornaments!)
Anyways, I was excited to find a file on Vickie Pedersen’s work, including a newspaper clipping from the Farmer’s Independent Weekly out of Steinbach, date unknown.  (Below)
Perdersen 1
And just a sample of Vickie’s work. (Below)
Perdersen 3
From the online entry at Uniquely Manitoba, it appears that Vickie continues to work in this medium, though incorporating elements of marquetry in their construction.  For more information about this technique, you may want to begin here.