Saves Nine

Saves Nine

View photos of opening reception here.

Opening Friday, August 2, 5-9 pm
at aceartinc, 2nd floor, 290 McDermot Ave
Runs Aug 2-31, 2013
Emerging from a conceptual starting point at the very heart of contemporary craft theory, Saves Nine, curated by Kerri-Lynn Reeves, is a group exhibition that sets out to take a cross-generational look at post-disciplinary craft in the work of seven artists active in Manitoba today.  Artists featured in this exhibition include Steven Leyden Cochrane, Leah Decter, Erika Lincoln, Corrie Peters, Willow Rector, Deborah Scott, and Gaetanne Sylvester.
Read more about the exhibition in curator Kerri-Lynn Reeves’ blog posts here and here.
Corrie Peters Presents “act of trust”
Saturday, August 17, 2013

Join Saves Nine artist Corrie Peters as she presents on her project act of trust. Peters’ act of trust explores power dynamics through vulnerability, specifically the vulnerability experienced while napping in public and semi-public spaces by people whose primary residences are shelters or nursing homes. The work encourages the viewer to participate by taking one of the found afgahans provided in the gallery out into the streets. The idea is to practice vulnerability in solidarity, breaking down borders of power, whether they be that of the art gallery, or of privilege.
In this afternoon presentation, Peters will lead the group in a field trip out of the gallery to do just that. Meet the group at aceartinc. at 2:00 PM where afghans will be gathered and the project and the conversation will be taken out on a picnic! The artist will speak about the project in the more informal setting of afghans spread out in a neighbourhood green space, encouraging a more organic and in siteu conversation about issues of power around homelessness and aging, positions of privelege, art taken out of the art gallery context and into a participatory realm.

Panel on Potential Histories of Post-Disciplinary Craft in Manitoba
Featuring Helen Delacretaz, Amy Karlinsky, and Kerri-Lynn Reeves, and moderated by Alison Norberg.
Thursday, August 22nd
7:00 PM

Join Saves Nine curator Kerri-Lynn Reeves with art historian Helen Delacretaz and art theorist Amy Karlinsky in conversation about potential histories of post-disciplinary craft in Manitoba. Saves Nine proposes that there is a history of post-disciplinary craft in Manitoba with the featured artists being potential instances of such craft. The exhibition only points to seven potential instances of post-disciplinary craft, and this is certainly not an exhaustive and definitive history of it. The premise of the panel is to further open up the list of potential makers, with each panelist presenting on other artists. The panel and the Q&A discussion following will be hosted by the Manitoba Craft Council’s Alison Norberg.