The C Word

Recently, I was part of a teleconference organized by the Canadian Crafts Federation to discuss a new national “branding/marketing” initiative being proposed.  Spearheaded by the Ontario Crafts Council, the project is intended to heighten the profile of, and engage new audiences in, contemporary craft.   (Fame and fortune for craft makers and the wild growth of provincial craft councils will, of course, ensue!)
Promoting a deeper understanding and passion for  craft is at the core of what Craft Councils do.  As makers, we know all about the benefits craft has on our mental, physical and spiritual health.  We get the importance of passing on, and breathing new life into, traditional skills and techniques.  We feel deeply that through our labour we embody culture, time and human values.  And we see the craft connection in nearly everything we touch, from cups to computers.
Let’s face it, we’re in love with craft or we wouldn’t be reading this blog.  We want everyone to understand the huge importance of craft, but how do we get our message out?  This brings us to “the C word” and Craft Scotland’s attempt to reach a broader audience through polished, creative advertising.  Watch their advert below, and let us know what you think.