First Friday Opening :: Featuring Brigitta Urben

MCC Presents: First Fridays in the Exchange, Featuring Brigitta Urben

Opening: Friday, November 1, 2013 5-9 pm
Work on display until November 30, 2013.  Click here for office hours.
Manitoba Craft Council – 553-70 Arthur st
Brigitta moved the boreal forest to explore spirituality, community, sustainability and biophilia.  She discovered her connection with nature in reality, research and vision.  Her work has become an exploration of these observations, in objects made with land clay; geometrical clay sculptures; functional ware with scraffito describing unity; and gestural oil paintings.  Often the work has a part of nature in the piece, such as ice, water, moss, and dirt. Her installations can only be described as “love of the land”.
Brigitta Urben graduated from interior design in 1982, and fine arts, honours in 1999, in painting and ceramics. Her minor was psychology, and she studied Native Spirituality and Healing. She has worked in teaching art for 25 years, at venues through Manitoba; the WAG, and Leaf Rapids and Wassagaming Arts Centre to name a few. Ceramics, have been her greatest love, she taught all programs, including Raku, at the St James Leisure Centre, for 10 years. Her skills brought her north to Norway House to teach kids art through the Arts Ability Project, Arts Smarts and private funding at Jack River School for 4 years. Brigitta Urben has sold her latest work to the Manitoba Government’s Canada House, 352 Donald St. in 2012. She has shown her paintings, sculpture and pottery, in Manitoba, across the prairies and internationally in Denver since 1999.
Image: Moss World, 5-sided jars on stand; clay from the land, moss; 2012; 4”round, 5”high with stand
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