First Friday Opening :: Featuring Peter Tittenberger

MCC Presents: First Fridays in the Exchange, Featuring Peter Tittenberger

Opening: Friday, October 4, 2013 5-9 pm
Work on display until October 31, 2013.  Click here for office hours.
Manitoba Craft Council – 553-70 Arthur st
Artist Statement
I collect objects that have been dropped or discarded but still seem valuable to me in some way. I bring these objects home thinking they might find a place in the things that I make. Sometimes they do, but more often they become part of an inventory of shelved experiences.
Brief Biography
I was born in Winnipeg and have lived there my entire life. I have spent much of that life on university campuses – first as a student, then as an employee, and recently as a student again. For 25 years my passion and profession was based in analog photography. I have taken many photographs, maybe too many, or maybe too many of the wrong kind. A longstanding interest in three dimensional work has led me to pursue my current interest in both sculpture and functional ceramics.
North End Kitschen Party Chair
Mixed Media
22″ x 28″
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