Flashback Friday :: the mysterious Duane Perkins

Sometimes writing the Flashback Friday posts for the MCC blog feels more like detective work than arts administration.  You dip your hand into the archives, pull out a file, and a mystery artist emerges.  The name Duane Perkins was, of course, very familiar to me, but unfortunately he falls into the category of “Someone I really should know but have never had the opportunity to meet.”  And so, the investigation begins.
Perkins 1 Duane was an active member of the MCC in its past incarnation, as the archived news clipping above would indicate.  Google tells us he has work in The Clay & Glass Gallery in Waterloo, ON, and at Winnipeg’s own David Rice Jewellery and Objects.  His bio here indicates that for 14 years, he had a space called Euphoria that served as artists’ studios, store, and classroom for ceramics in Elmwood and later in St. Boniface.  He, along with several other MCC members, also has a beautiful piece in the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s on-line auction.
Perkins final
It’s really quite amazing, and perhaps scary, how much of a person’s life is revealed on-line.   But even more astounding is how little it all really tells us about an artist’s life and work, about their contribution to the community.  It’s something only those of you who know Duane and his art practice can speak to.
The comments section below is your space to fill in the blanks about our Flashback Friday artists.  Who is this ceramicist, Duane Perkins?  Let us know.  You are also invited to flip back in our blog entries and add your memories about any of the artists featured in the comments section that follows the post.   We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about our community.