March First Friday :: Mimi Mirus

MCC Presents :: First Fridays in the Exchange
Featuring Mimi Mirus

Opening on Friday, March 7, 5-9 pm
Manitoba Craft Council office – 553-70 Arthur St.
Work on display until March 28, 2014.
About her work, Mimi writes:
I make small (8-10 inch), four-legged creatures and other figures using batting-covered wire as an armature.  I wrap the armature in strips of fabric and stitch the surface with embroidery thread.  These figures are decorated with beads, wire, feathers and wool.  I am intrigued by the interplay of different layers of fabrics and decorative stitching, as well as by the way these figures seem to reveal themselves as the work progresses.  Recently, I’ve been exploring the possibility of a more mysterious image by elongating the bodies, creating drapery-like costumes, and attaching polymer-clay hands, feet and masks.
I am a Winnipeg resident and new member to the MCC.  I began making these figures after an accident this spring imposed many hours of sitting.  What began as an experiment has become an opportunity to explore the range of possibilities that these materials offer.  I took my inspiration from an American fiber artist, Maria Simonsson, who has adapted traditional African fabric-wrapping techniques in the making of her own work.
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