May First Friday :: Kelly Ruth

MCC Presents :: First Fridays in the Exchange
Featuring Kelly Ruth

Opening on Friday, May 2, 5-9 pm
Manitoba Craft Council office – 553-70 Arthur St.
Work on display until May 30, 2014.
About her work, Kelly writes:
My newest work includes a series of tea cozies. In light of the destruction of the environment due to the bloating of Industrialization, I have become dedicated to learning about a less cluttered lifestyle. One in which the work that I do directly relates to providing the basics of living. In my fibre based artwork I am extracting pigments from plant materials, and employing traditional surface design techniques by hand. This work, memorializes the earth while celebrating the traditions of cultures whose knowledge dates back before ‘progress.’
Kelly Ruth is a Winnipeg artist who spent a decade employed as the dyer/painter for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s wardrobe department.  During this period, she learned many of the techniques that she now applies to her career as a painter and textile artist.  She continues to use dye work in her sustainable clothing line.  In the past few years, she has been dyeing linens that she uses as the ground for her paintings.   In her most recent textile art she has focused on using natural dyes extracted from dye-producing plants that she has grown herself.
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