Design By Nature (DxN)

Design by Nature is a juried sustainable design competition of sculptural installations, public art and functional furniture designed for designated locations on the Evergreen Brick Works campus.  Selected pieces are exhibited over the fall of 2014 and will dot the landscape of Evergreen Brick Works.
Pieces appropriate to both interior and exterior application are encouraged, should be designed to move easily between locations and withstand the rigors of an unsupervised public environment. Any size or piece will be considered. However, keep in mind the location and scale, and public nature of the installation sites (see images of potential site locations).
All proposed designs must contain at least 50% existing, reclaimed, or recycled materials. These materials must be non-virgin, with some previous use or purpose, and/or materials destined for landfill or waste had they not been used in the submission.
This year we encourage, but do not limit, artists to use “resource-based” materials. This includes city wood from the ice storm, materials from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and architectural salvage left on the streets and shared via Trashswag. Read more about how to obtain resource based materials.
Artists are asked to limit their submissions to a maximum of four pieces, and ensure that each piece can be displayed independently of each other.
Winning pieces are selected by a panel of local design leaders and evaluated on the following judging criteria.
Selected finalists will be paid an honourarium to help cover the costs of production.  The categories for winners this year are:
• Best of Show = $3000 (1)
• Finalists = $1500 (4)
• Winners = $500 (4)
The artist has the option to offer the pieces for sale throughout the duration of the show, to be available at the exhibition’s conclusion. Selected artists will also have the opportunity to sell pieces and other items in their portfolio through Evergreen’s store, the Evergreen Garden Market. Design by Nature is working hard to develop additional opportunities to promote and sell winning pieces following the exhibition’s conclusion.
For more information on how to apply, click here.