Project 387 Paid Artist Residency – California

Project 387 is a two-week project-based residency aimed at supporting visual artists, performers, filmmakers, writers, and art professionals. As an emerging residency program, Project 387 has structured its mission around emerging and mid-career artists, but encourages applications from all who wish to participate in a community driven experience. Participants will experience the serene landscape of rural Mendocino County in Northern California while engaging in a focused pursuit of creative excellence. Project 387 offers a supportive group environment for the pursuit of individual efforts and provides a space for creative exchange around the dinner table and in the studio.
To be considered, artists must submit a one-page project proposal, noting their objectives for this two-week period. Projects do not have to be completed during the residency, but participants are expected to work toward the desired outcomes outlined in their proposal. Artists will have the opportunity to engage with the local community through an Open Studio day, and an interest in this aspect of the residency is core to a successful applicant.

The Facts:

  • Living space, studio space, and an $800 stipend are provided for all participants.
  • Dinner is prepared for participants five nights a week.
  • To be considered, artists must submit a project proposal, a completed questionnaire, a resume, as well as images, media clips, or writing samples of previous works.
  • A panel of judges will review all submissions and selections will be made of projects that reflect the rigorous focus and pursuit of excellence that embodies Project 387.
  • Project 387 2014 will run August 3rd-17th 2014.
  • Artists must be over 21 to participate.
  • International artists are welcome but please note Project 387 cannot provide visas if necessary.


Participants will live in either shared or individual furnished houses with separate bedrooms equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas.

Studio Spaces:

Studio spaces vary according to the proposed projects and media. Individual office space and shared working studios are located in one building on the property.

Working Environment:

Artists will have access to studio and workspaces 24 hours a day. Power, wifi, and telephone service is available.


The Project 387 2015 application window is between 2/15/15 – 3/16/15. All applications must be submitted before 11:59 PM 3/16/15.

Upcoming Residency Opportunities:
Residency Dates: August 2nd-16th 2015
To be considered, artists must submit a project proposal to Project 387. Project proposals should be one page in length. This project proposal is the most important component to the application process. We will be selecting projects based on the concept, content, and clarity. While we are a project-based residency, we are not a product-based one. Projects do not need to be completed during the residency but are rather a way of gauging the overall logistics and individual needs of each potential participant. Due to natural limitations of the program space, projects will be reviewed and selected based on their strength in concept and feasibility.
The Proposal:
Your one page project proposal should address the following points:

  • Summarize your project’s objective, giving the reader a clear understanding of your intended work.
  • Express how you hope to grow your artistic practice while at Project 387.
  • Tell us why, in particular, Project 387 is the right place for you.

Additional materials:
In addition to the project proposal, we ask all applicants to submit a resume, a completed questionnaire, and work samples.
Work Samples:
Visual artists should submit between 5 and 10 digital images at 200 dpi or less. No image should exceed 1200 px on its longest side.
Performance artists and filmmakers should submit 2 to 3 clips of work. No one clip should exceed 5 minutes. If you are sending a link to a larger piece, please specify which 5 minutes you wish to have reviewed.
Writers and art professionals should submit up to 10 pages of writing.
Application Fee: $25
Applications will be accepted through an online process available at starting 2/15/15.
For more information, visit