CRAFTED :: A new sale venue for Manitoba craft artists

The Manitoba Craft Council is thrilled to present you, our members, with a new holiday sale opportunity.  As many of you will have noted, the MCC let our annual Handmade Holiday sale rest in 2014 after a good five-year run.  Our hope had been that out of that breathing space some exciting new opportunity might arise.  When Sherri Van Went, the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Retail Operations Manager, approached us with the idea of collaborating on a sale, we saw it as just the opportunity we were looking for.  We jumped at the chance.  Over the past 6 months, we’ve been actively involved in planning what promises to be a beautiful and original event.  With a dedicated committee of over a dozen highly motivated volunteers working on this project, three solid partnering organizations, and a gorgeous venue, CRAFTED is destined to be the craft sale event of the year.CRAFTED evite jpeg
All that’s missing now is YOU.  We want this sale to present the best that Manitoba craft artists and artisans have to offer.  We want to see applications from those of you who regularly do the sale circuit.  We also want to see submissions from artists who don’t usually do “craft sales.” Maybe you haven’t typically seen your work in terms of that kind of context and are usually more gallery oriented.  Maybe your work sells at a higher price point than you normally associate with a craft sales.  Perhaps your work is scuptural or non-functional.  We need your kind of work at this event.  I want to encourage you to branch out and apply.  The cost of participation is low, and we believe the benefit to you will be high.  With the WAG’s communications team behind us, the audience you can reach through this sale will be significant.
I’m looking forward to seeing your submission – remember, the deadline to apply is May 15, 2015.
Click here for the full application details.