Citizens of Craft

Over the course of the past two months, you may have noticed people wearing yellow buttons declaring them to be “Citizens of Craft” – if you’re a curious person, you’ll wonder, “What is this Citizens of Craft business? Is CRAFT another one of those weird MICRO-states like Monaco or Lichtenstein that you never could remember in geography class?” (No, Craft’s per capita GDP is way too low.)
Craft, rather, is a MACRO-state,
a state of mind, body and soul
that transcends nation
and reaches every part of the globe.
Its citizens are not born,
they’re MADE…
on workbenches and sewing machines,
on wheels and whorls.
They’re thrown,
and carved.
Weaned on wood chips and slip.
Paper cuts and pin pricks are their rites of passage.
Some cross the unmanned borders from afar…
medicine, law, farming…
others come as refugees from fine arts or design.
As Citizens of Craft they value tradition and innovation,
form and function,
individuality and community.
They are Turner Prize winning potters
and the anonymous craftsman whose only signature is a thumbprint in clay.
They are collectors and curators,
buyers and DIYers,
family and friends.
So, what unites this diverse population?
Love of Making,
Love of Makers,
Love of the Handmade.
I am a Citizen of Craft.   And by virtue of your presence here, so are you.
Declare yourself.