Arts & Crafts Design Award 2015


The Arts & Crafts Design Award is an annual international design competition. The contest is open for all nominated professional, amateur and student craftspeople and designers from any country.

 The Award is not divided in different categories; rather it covers all Arts and Crafts-ideas and design concepts. 

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

 The Competition will be exclusively held on the web and includes three selection steps:

 (1) Pre-selection by the internal jury (Nomination) 

(2) Presentation Round 

(3) Award Selection. The competition will exclusively be held on the web.


In preparation for the annual award, an internal Online-pre-selection research will be held by our internal jury (by visiting each artists website). Thereafter, invitations/nominations are being sent to the selected craftspeople and designer. Upon receipt of the invitation/nomination e-mail, you can easily participate/Submit through this online form.  To participate you have to send us 3 photos of your featured items which will be asked in our confirmation e-mail. Please provide them as .jpg image files (approx. 1000 pixels long side). 

To ensure an attractive presentation of your work, please pay attention to high quality pictures of your object. You will be also asked to provide us with additional information about your work, which you think is relevant for the presentation (title, type, material, year, sizes, artists statement etc …). The photos should be created within the last 8 years. 

 Please note that a small administration/handling fee of Euro 38 is due upon submission, which can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. This fee is always valid for the current contest cycle. The handling fee is non-refundable. The bank details / PayPal-account will be advised to you after receipt of the Submission form.

Your portfolio will be online within 24hours, after receiving the handling fee and the 3 Images you want to submit (the registrations steps will be provided to you via e-mail).

Application for the Arts & Crafts Design Award

To apply for the group of nominees, you can easily use this online application form. (This is only required if artist/designer didn’t receive invitation/nomination mail yet). Upon receipt of the application form, we will make ourselves familiar with the proposed work based on the artist’s webpage and/or submitted photos. Then the Arts & Crafts Design Award Jury will consider nomination if the body of work reaches the requirements. The requirements which are used by the jury for the nomination are: the creativity, originality, production-technique and artistic quality. Only nominated artists/designers are able to participate at all. 

After receiving our confirmation e-mail of nomination, please register as described in the “submit” section on this webpage.

Online participant´s catalogue

As soon as your submission is completed your work will be added to the Participants Catalogue. Your portfolio consisting of these three submitted photos will be presented on this website including link to the artisans/designers’ websites until the nomination of the prize winners in the subsequent year. All winners’ portfolio’s (1st Prize, Merit Awards & Special Prize) will remain accessible for an unlimited amount of time on our website under the category “Winners Lounge”.


Submission/Application closing date for the Arts & Crafts Design Award 2015 is December, 15th 2015. Please note: not only all enrolments should be submitted to the organizer prior to this date, also image files, Info´ s and the one-time participation fee of Euro 38 must have been received by that date. Submissions received after this date cannot be consider for the 2015 competition.

Nomination of the winner

At the end of the year, the jury will select the prize winners to assign to them the “Arts & Crafts Design Award” which will be announced on 15th January 2016 on this website. All Nominees and winners will be informed about the jury’s choice by email. The Competition will be exclusively held on the web.

Bonus & Extra option

Each Arts & Crafts Design Award nominee will receive additionally, due to the confirmed quality of his work, the opportunity and a discount to be included in the “Who’s Who in Visual Art – 100 Artisans, Craftspeople and Designers” book which will be published for the first time in 2015 by our Cooperation partner Art Domain Whois Publisher. (Please be aware that only the first 100 bookings may be considered for an entry, because the publication is strictly limited to 100 entries.)

Right of use

Participants whose submissions are nominated for the Arts & Crafts Design Award grant the promoter the right to publish their submitted images on the Arts & Crafts Design Award webpage and official Facebook-site. All rights and copyrights of the images remain to the copyright owner (submitter/artist).