MCC Bursary Funds Takes MB Artist to SNAG Conference

MCC member and jeweller Sonja Rosenberg received an MCC Professional Development Bursary in 2013. Below is a little glimpse into what the bursary enabled her to do:
In 2014, with the support of the Manitoba Craft Council’s Bursary fund, I had the opportunity and pleasure of attending the Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference (SNAG) in Minneapolis, ND. I, alongside hundreds of artists from across the continent, attended the four day conference packed with programs, workshops, tours, exhibitions and social gatherings throughout the twin cities. After having some time to marinate in my SNAG experience, I would like to share a few of my favorite moments from the conference.
The first, Mirjam Hiller, an inspirational jeweller from Potsdam, German, lectured and presented her most recent work 25,000 Millimeters to “Atrosanea”. She spoke of what it takes to create a piece that is filled with energy, the satisfying way ideas and shapes come together as a flat sheet of metal becomes animated. Mirjam’s lecture was followed by an exhibition of her work and a fascinating hands on demo. The pain staking labour of love that is her process awed the audience, as weeks of precisely hand pierced sheet metal being bent into unexpected three dimensional objects. I was immediately drawn to the complexity and tactile quality created through the simplicity of cutting, the movement, energy and character captured in each three dimensional form.

Sonja 4

Cravenias|brooch|painted copper

Sonja 5

Atrosanea red|brooch|powder coated steel

Sonja 6

Venturium pink|brooch|powder coated steel

The conference was back to back with fantastic presenters like Sofia Bjorkman, Andy Copperman and Marc Maiorana; each leaders in their field but vastly different in practice. After four days of continues lectures, demonstrations, group discussions and exhibitions our heads were sufficiently full, it was time to loosen up. The final night was celebrated with a special interactive exhibition which gave us the opportunity to wear some fantastic jewellery in a fashion photoshoot. The exhibition, A Night of Glamour and Gold featured work by Louise Perrone, Jera Lodge, Tom Muir, Niki Grandics, Linda Savineau, Jessica Armstrong, Soren Priede, Casey Sheppard, Jennifer Merchant, Younha Jung and more.
The SNAG conference was and overwhelming collection of talent, an incredible opportunity to see into the lives of students, emerging artists and professionals from around the world. I’ve been reminded that the possibilities are truly endless and we are not alone in our obsessions as makers, constantly challenging ourselves and creating beautiful objects. Now that SNAG has come and gone, what has remained is the motivation to keep moving and making. Craft is in a constant state of change, evolution of materials and influx of new makers, I am proud to be part of its future.
Sonja 1

Neckpiece by Jera Lodge | Glamour Deluxe: Black & Gold | Steel, Faux Gold Bead – Ring by Casey Sheppard | The Runaways | Sterling Silver, PVC Pipe, Copper, Leather

Sonja 2

Body piece by unknown artist

Sonja 3

Tom Muir – Elegant Gentleman’s Prosthetic Mustache | Sterling silver