Citizens of Craft – Create a Profile

By now many of you have heard about Citizens of Craft™ movement.  The Manitoba Craft Council has been an active partner in the development of this national resource promoting contemporary craft in Canada and beyond.
Phase One of the project saw the launching of the website and educational/marketing campaign.  Phase Two involves the development and September launch of the Craft Locator funciton of the website.  This is the phase when individual professional members and affiliated institutions build profiles on the site.  Whether you create, sell, showcase, promote, or teach craft, having a Profile in the Citizens Community is a way for you to present your connection to craft to the world.
When the site launches, your Profile will:

  • Showcase your craft both to the existing craft community and those who are discovering and purchasing craft
  • Be presented to site visitors through a wide array of robust searching options 
  • Provide you the ability to post and promote personal or community craft events 
  • And, most importantly, be part of a mass online exhibit of Canadian craft

I’d like to encourage every one of our members to click the following link and submit your Profile:
We’d like to have the best representation possible from Manitoba by the launch date in September.  If you’re motivated by competition, I’ll let you know that in Ontario, 79 members have started profiles, Alberta is at 32 and Saskatchewan at 12; Manitoba currently sits at 14 – a great start with many more to come, I’m sure.
If you need assistance in completing a profile, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll be glad to help… info@localhost:8888.  I think most of the kinks have been worked out of the system and you should find it simple to use now.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing your profile online.
Tammy, MCC Programme Coordinator
PS.  Phase Three will include a way to publicize craft events – all those shows, sales, workshops, conferences going on all over the country.