Call for Submissions
The Hollow Earth Gallery is an annex space to Also As Well Too Artist Book Library in Winnipeg. This closet area can be used as wall space or an immersive environment. Artists are invited to make a submission that works with the parameters and quirks of the space. Spill-out potential includes windows that may be utilized for indoor or outdoor viewing. A full description and a link to photos of the space can be found below.
The work should relate in some way to the concept of artist books, multiples, or text. Local artists are welcome to set up the space as they see fit. Artists sending their work from outside of Winnipeg should include detailed installation instructions for the Artist Book Librarian.
At this time, no fees will be paid for this opportunity.
Exhibitions will run for 6 weeks each, with open hours one to two times per week and by appointment.
Submissions should be received by January 31 and can be sent to Please include:
-a brief description of your idea for the space (one page maximum)
-up to 10 images of proposed or relevant work
-artist statement
Dimensions, descriptions, etc:
The closet space is 96″ tall, 62″ long, and 25″ deep. It contains a high shelf and a bar, both of which can be removed. There is a wooden frame below the shelf level that cuts into the space about half an inch.
The windows sizes:
Window 1 is a set of three together:
44 1/2″ tall x 14 3/4″ wide
44 1/2″ tall x 17″ wide
44 1/2″ tall x 14 3/4″ wide
Window 2 is: 52″ tall x 26 1/2″ wide
Please see photos at to get an understanding of the window frames etc.
Send questions to