Marketing Collateral for New Craft Hub

The Manitoba Craft Council (MCC) and the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library (MCML) are joining forces to develop a new hub for craft, set to open in summer 2016. Located in an historic building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, the 3,025 sq ft facility will include an exhibition gallery, shop, library, museum display and programme space featuring the best of contemporary and historical craft this province has to offer.
Early in 2016, the partnering groups will select a name for the facility and begin working with a design team to define a clear visual identity and marketing strategy for the initiative. Both groups have existing organizational logos, websites, social media and communication tools; finding ways to streamline and merge communications will be key.
Logo, exterior and interior building signage, hub website, social media tools, print materials (brochure), style guide, and a marketing strategy will be produced to promote the new shared venture.
Find the full Request for Proposals here.