Show your support for the new Craft hub

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library has applied for a City of Winnipeg Community Incentives grant to support the renovations required for our new joint Craft facility. The application will be read by all city councillors and each of them will have a vote on whether the project is funded or not. We were advised to have our members send letters of support to your city councillors requesting that they support the project.
We have drafted a letter that we’d encourage you to fill in and sign asking for support from councillors for this Community Incentives Grant application.  The sample letter is here. Feel free to make any changes you see fit before sending it on. We wanted to make it easy and quick for you to do, hence the sample letter.
Councillor email addresses are here.
The address is the same for all councillors if you choose to mail a hard copy letter:
Councillor’s name
Council Building
510 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1B9