Resident Artists

Three artist residencies will be offered per year, each for a period of three months. The dates for the residency periods can be found on the application form linked below.  Glass artists, or professional artists in other mediums who are interested in experimenting with, transitioning to, or incorporating glass into their work are eligible for this program. An MFA is recommended but not required. The Resident Artist program provides resources to develop new work or expand current work while experimenting with both traditional and innovative processes using glass as a medium.


The glass studio internship is an opportunity for students who have completed initial courses of glass study (B.A./B.F.A or multiple workshops). Candidates should be seeking professional, practical studio experience. Studio interns will learn day-to-day operations, classes and workshops, assisting artists and production glassblowing. Studio Internships are available each year for a period of three months each, which coincides with the Resident Artists program.  Interns have the possibility of an extension upon review.

Visiting Artists

Professional glass artists will be invited to STARworks to provide expertise and artistic inspiration for a short time during the residency/internship periods.
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