In 2017, the CGCA will offer 3-month fellowships from April 19 – July 19. The three-month, Spring Fellowships are no longer available to
former CGCA Fellows. Only artists who have never been through the program may apply for three-month sessions. All artists can apply for a short-term, project-based Fellowship to take place during scheduled
times within the months of September – DecemberHowever, we request new artists choose one or the other. 
During their Fellowships, artists have the use of private studios and excellent facilities within a respectful sanctuary of concentrated time.
This is an exceptional opportunity for artists to utilize one of the finest facilities of the glass medium, known internationally. Not only do artists get exceptional access to these facilities and various process mediums, but they also receive stipends, the use of private studios, technical assistance, comfortable housing and institutional support. In addition, they are embraced by a dedicated and warm staff, all on a beautiful 50+ acre campus that is truly a creative sanctuary.
Applicant Requirements
All applicants must fulfill the following requirements.

  •    Over 21 years of age when Fellowship commences.
  •    Proficient in the English language.
  •    Able to reside in on-site housing during the term of the Fellowship.
  • Work in view of visitors 12 hours weekly, not including assisting time.
  • Submit one work made during the Fellowship to the acquisitions committee for review. If accepted,the work will be included in the collection of the Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts.
  • Capable of assisting other residents when mutually beneficial.
  • Commit to one interaction with our education program that connects to your creative vision.

Applicants for three-month Fellowships must submit all of the following items as specified by the deadline of
November 20, 2016. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Application Materials Checklist:

  • Two Reference Letters

You must submit two reference letters as part of the application. The letters should address the topics listed in the Reference Letter Guidelines document found by clicking here. The authors should be two individuals who can best speak to your ability to carry out the project being proposed. They should discuss your professional preparation and your ability to work in a community setting with other residents. You should provide the reference writer with a copy of your Statement of Intent before requesting the reference letter. Reference letters are confidential and so we ask that they be emailed directly to us ([email protected]). The subject line should state your last name and Fellowship Reference (i.e., Smith: Fellowship Reference). Within the online application you will be asked to register your two reference writers.

  • Ten images of the applicants work:

Specifications for images:
Resolution of 300 dpi, saved in a JPEG file format
6 inches in the largest dimension
Title/save each image with applicant last name and number of work to indicate order (i.e., Smith01, Smith02, etc…)
Image No. 1 should represent the work you feel is of the best quality
Image No. 10 should represent what you would pursue as a CGCA Fellow
PLEASE DO NOT format the images into a presentation!
PLEASE DO NOT submit more than 10 images!
Special Note about Videos: Only submit videos if relevant to your project. Submit no more than two videos. This will take the place of two digital images. Each video should not exceed three minutes in length. Please do not send videos that are autobiographical or promotional in nature.
If you upload a video directly, please make sure your video is in one of the following formats: .avi, .mpg, mpeg, .wmv, .mp4, .mov, or .qt. Your video sample must be in one of these acceptable file types in order to be viewed by the panelists. In order to be uploaded, videos must meet the following minimum requirements:
Resolution: At least 480 x 360
Frames per second (fps): At least 12
Submitting your video in the mp4 (H.264) format at 640 x 480 with mp3 audio will allow for efficient uploading while showing your clips to best advantage.

  • Image information sheet

Title of Piece
Date of Completion

  • One paragraph biography
  • Statement of Intent

Explain how you would use a Fellowship to benefit your artistic and career development. Please describe your goals, vision and anticipated outcomes. Please indicate the primary disciplines/mediums/glass techniques you will employ during your residency. Include any other relevant information or special needs concerning your residency and/or project.

  • Current Resume/C.V.
  • Language Proficiency Documentation

Applicants with a native language other than English must present proof of English language proficiency via a foreign language assessment form. Within the online application you will be asked to register someone who can provide testament to your language proficiency. We will contact this individual and ask them to complete the Foreign Language Assessment Form on your behalf. It is imperative that you possess the language skills required in order to successfully communicate your project goals and needs while carrying out your Fellowship. Submission of this form is mandatory for all those whose native language is not English, even if you have advanced skills or native-speaker ability. 
It is preferred that the entire application, including images and supporting documents, be submitted online. If an online submission isn’t possible, please still fill out the application form, and print it to include in a hard copy application. Letters of recommendation can be uploaded online, sent through the postal service or by email. Materials will become the property of WheatonArts and will not be returned. If awarded a fellowship, your application images may be used for publication. All mailed materials should be addressed to:
Pamela Weichmann
CGCA Fellowship Program at WheatonArts
1501 Glasstown Road
Millville, NJ 08332-1566
[email protected]
For more information click here.