This event is a survey of the evolution of foldforming as it is applied in the world today in jewelry, sculpture, architecture, functional objects, and unexpected applications. Judges look for a well-crafted use of foldforming techniques in the metal arts, in a fully realized work, with points for excellence of execution and bold explorations. Complexity carries weight, but so does creativity and fresh expression. Artists are often recognized for simple folds that are deftly repeated, used in mixed media, or combined with other metal techniques. And prize-winners from previous years are asked to introduce substantive change or evolution in their new entries.
Prizes go to 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Honorable Mention (HM) and the Innovation Award. Additional entries are recognized each year in a Jurors’ Choice round. The Innovation Award was created by the jury in 2014 to recognize a startlingly innovative entry. It’s the only such award to date, but the opportunity remains available for surprising technical advancements. A set of paper hammers by The Paper Hammer is earmarked for this winner. Or, if none is selected, the set goes to 1st Place. The gauntlet is thrown – the challenge is out there!
Entry Guidelines
• Submit up to three pieces of work using foldforming techniques in the metal arts, with up to two images (views) per piece
• Mixed media pieces are welcome if a major component of the work is foldforming in metal
• Large, well lit, in focus, high-definition images suitable for print are important; format .jpg and max size 8MB. Solid or gradient white, gray, or black background preferred where possible. No photo edits that alter the look of the piece or its workmanship are permitted
• Artists are asked to include photo credits to acknowledge the photographer of each piece.
• Entry into the competition will constitute a photo release (details available)
• There is a $25 fee for submission
​• Questions about the entry process? Click HERE for tips and contacts
More about photography​: ​Artists submit only digital images of their work for this competition. Your work is never shipped. Because the jury relies solely on images to judge work, high quality photography (well-lit, in focus, high definition) is very important. If photography is not your thing, consider asking someone else to help.​
Charles Lewton-Brain, Artist Goldsmith, Educator, Foldforming Pioneer
Merle White, Editor-in-Chief, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine
Seth Rosen, Owner, Ganoksin and International Gem Society
The sponsors who made this event possible are Rio Grande, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Ganoksin, the International Gem Society, Craftsy, and The Paper Hammer. Thank you, sponsors!
Prizes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places and Honorable Mention:

  • Rio Grande gift certificates (1st Place $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100, $50 Honorable Mention.)
  • 1 year subscription to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine
  • 1 year Silver membership to www.ganoksin.com (or Gold upgrade for current members)
  •  A download copy of Charles Lewton-Brain’s updated Foldforming CD

Special Prizes

  • For the Innovation Award or 1st Place: A set of three paper hammers from The Paper Hammer are earmarked for the Innovation Award. If category not awarded, set goes to 1st Place. THE SPONSOR IS OFFERING A DISCOUNT TO WWW.FOLDFORMING.ORG VISITORS DURING COMPETITION SEASON. SEE OFFER
  • For ALL entrants: Each entrant will receive 50% off the full retail price of one full-length Craftsy interactive online class after the competition closes. Restrictions apply*

Jurors’ Choice
Each year judges recognize notable entries in a Jurors’ Choice round.  While these are not eligible for prizes, they are publicized with the winners on a global stage including www.foldforming.org and the annual results video. In 2016, two national magazines included Jurors’ Choice images in their print issues.
The Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition enjoys international attention. In 2016, entries came from artists across the U.S. and on 5 continents. All top winners and Jurors’ Choice selections will be recognized on a new 2017 page at www.foldforming.org, in a press release and with the annual results video. Social media is generously employed and Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist will run a story in their Nov 2017 issue.
*Craftsy give-away Terms and Conditions: Get 50% off the full retail price of any full-length Craftsy class. Excludes classes from the Mastering in Minutes and Startup Library series and classes from our partner, The Great Courses. Coupon can only be used one time. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. Note: Craftsy titles are discounted on a rotating basis through the month, usually at 10-30% but occasionally more.
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