Workshop Coordinator Employment with MCC. Deadline:

Position: Workshop Coordinator
Term: July 2017 – January 2018 (25 weeks)
Hours: 8 Hours per week for 25 weeks
Hourly wage: $20
Deadline to apply: Friday June 30th
Project Description
Development of the CraftEd workshops at the C2 Centre for Craft
The Manitoba Craft Council (MCC) is joining forces with the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library (MCML) to build a beautiful new home for craft in Manitoba, the C2 Centre for Craft. Located in an historic building at the south end of the Exchange District, the 3,025 sq ft facility will include an exhibition gallery, shop, library, museum and workshop space featuring the best of contemporary and historical craft this province has to offer. Set to open in 2017, this new space at 329 Cumberland Ave will allow the MCC to deepen its roots and create a permanent place from which to promote and support contemporary craft and its makers in Manitoba – a welcoming, professional and creative space where a wider public can see, touch, and experience craft in its myriad forms.
With this new space comes the opportunity to develop a regular, year-round schedule of educational programming for our members and the wider community. The role of the Workshop Coordinator will be to develop and launch MCC’s Craft Ed educational workshop programme.
The focus of the development phase of this project will be on:
-assessing the skills, needs and desires of MCC members.
(ie. creating a list of potential workshop facilitators including their areas of expertise and possible course offerings; exploring what the professional development needs of our members are)
-assessing the interests and needs of the wider community.
(ie. what kind of workshop opportunities are people seeking; what other organizations may want to partner with us on presenting workshops)
-documenting and evaluating what craft-related educational opportunities and models are already in place in Manitoba.
(ie. what media and techniques are already being covered by other organizations and businesses; where are the gaps; what type of educational experiences are working well in our community)
-building a procedural framework for planning and coordinating MCC’s educational programmes on an on- going basis.
(ie. how artists/workshops are selected for inclusion in the programme; what type of activities can be accommodated in the C2 space; how student registrations are managed; policies on artist fees and pricing of workshops)
-integrating the CraftEd workshop series into the overall C2 marketing plan -planning and promoting the 2017-2018 workshop series.
Anticipated Results
The development of CraftEd workshops at the C2 Centre for Craft strives to have a positive impact on the facility, on the MCC and its membership, and on the general public. For C2, workshops will bring people into the space, provide the MCC with a new source of earned revenue, and be part of creating a more sophisticated audience/market for contemporary craft.
For MCC members, workshops will be another opportunity to share their skills, earn additional revenue, build their knowledge through master classes, and increase their public profile. For a general public eager to engage with craft on a very practical, hands-on level, CraftEd workshops will provide a rich learning environment, access to skilled facilitators, and a chance to learn new craft techniques and experiment with materials. As with all MCC programming, attention will be given to extending CraftEd workshops to rural and northern regions through partnerships with local arts and cultural organizations.
Application Process
Please submit a resume with 3 references and cover letter to the Manitoba Craft Council via email to submissions@localhost:8888 with subject line “Workshop Coordinator Application”.
Please contact Jessica Hodgson, Administrative and Programme Assistant at info@localhost:8888 with any questions.

The application closing date is June 30th, 2017.

(image) Monica Mercedes Martinez at Play Precarity and Survival opening reception, aceartinc, 2015