Process: Thinking Through

Open call for Alberta Craft Feature Gallery 2018 Exhibitions.
Alberta Craft Feature Gallery – Edmonton
Exhibition Dates: January – April 2018
Alberta Craft Gallery – Calgary
Exhibition Dates: 8-week exhibition in mid or late 2018
Process is an essential concept for craft artists as making anything, especially anything unique, entails multiple material and technical processes. When these inter-relate with idea generation, development, experimentation/testing and studio environment, then combined with marketing, education and networking, they contribute to the evolution of a body of work and career. Some processes have logical beginnings and conclusions while others are continuous.
Communicating the many aspects of process can become important points of understanding and appreciation, for colleagues, supporters, customers, collectors, media and the public at large. Ideas of process and the breadth of their possibility can become popular and compelling conversation for both artists and their followers.
This exhibition is seeking new work by craft artists who are interested in sharing their process. Work will be selected on its merit as well as the accompanying explanation of unique processes relevant to the exhibition theme. This is an open call exhibition.
Submission Content:
– current CV with contact information
– written statement about your process (300 words max)
– artist biography and statement
– high quality images
– image list: title, year created, dimensions, materials and techniques
– a list of support material available for the exhibition (images, videos, physical samples and other documentation of your process)
* work must be created in Canada
Please contact Jessica Telford, Exhibition Team
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