2018 New Taipei City Metal Crafts Competition

Gold Museum of New Taipei City Government is dedicated to promoting a creative environment for metal arts in Taiwan. The Museum has made evident achievements by holding five National Metal Crafts Competitions since 2007 where metal craft artists, domestic and abroad, fulfill their artistic dreams. It will carry on the spirit of incubating young artists and encouraging diversity in metal craft arts for the 2018 New Taipei City International Metal Crafts Competition. Now, It is calling for entries worldwide and looking forward to young and emerging artists going above and beyond with creativity and innovation in metal craft arts.
The Museum, by inviting domestic and international professionals in metal craft arts and related sectors as jurors of the 2018 New Taipei City International Metal Crafts Competition, aspires to bring about more interactions among Taiwanese and international metal craft artists and more art creations with a sense of contemporaneity and distinctive cultural characteristics. The competition contains two categories: Jewelry and objects. All entries submitted to the competition have to be original works created by the entrants solely, with metals as their core material. All entries entering the final selection phase will be presented in the competition’s online eBook exhibition, and all award-winning artwork will be exhibited in the 2018 New Taipei City International Metal Crafts Competition Exhibition.
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