Marilyn Levitt Award Reception

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Congratulations to Teegan Walker, recipient of the 2108 Marilyn Levitt Award for Functional Ceramics!


Please join the Manitoba Craft Council in presenting this award to Teegan and celebrating functional ceramics with a reception at C2 Centre for Craft.


First Friday, October 5th, 2018

7 – 9 pm

C2 Centre for Craft

1 – 329 Cumberland Ave


In true ceramics gathering form, we will celebrate potluck style. Bring your favourite dish to share!


Teegan Walker, Artist Statement

I believe that handmade ceramics have an important place in history and in our daily lives. Each piece has persevered through a lengthy and rigorous set of processes before landing a spot on the table. This relates directly to the maker, and the set of processes that he or she must pursue on a day-to-day basis. The piece, once completed, embodies energy in direct relation to the maker.  My goal is to create works that embody the energy, craftsmanship, focus and attention to detail that has gone into them, with consistent and intentional results. My work is inspired by simplicity, and beauty with an over arching sense of community and continuity. My design is led by ideas of architecture, music, landscape, process, and the freedom of line to express itself literally. Through trial and error, I learn what forms and finishes stay true to my ideals and values. Through this I hope to involve the audience in a deeper connection to the process, patience and self-expression that has intentionally brought it to existence.




About the Marilyn Levitt Award

The Marilyn Levitt Award for Functional Ceramics is awarded bi-annually to an emerging or mid-career, functional ceramic artist by the Manitoba Craft Council to honour the memory of the late Marilyn Wolodarsky Levitt, a Manitoba ceramic artist and educator. The recipient is awarded the Marilyn Levitt Prize, held in trust by the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. Candidates for the award are nominated by their peers, established members of the Manitoba ceramics community.


Many thanks to artist Valerie Metcalfe for nominating Teegan Walker for the Marilyn Levitt Award for Functional Ceramics. Valerie’s commitment to mentoring and encouraging  young ceramic artists is just one example of the impact community has on the development of craft in our province.



Valerie Metcalfe, Nomination of Teegan Walker

“Teegan is a clay artist in the early stages of his career, yet his work shows a degree of skill and sophistication found more normally in much more seasoned artists.

As his images will illustrate, his pieces have a quiet presence and beauty that elevate his perfectly made functional works to works of art as well.

I’ve always felt that beauty is a necessary aspect of function, and Tegan seems to have grasped that concept perfectly. Perhaps it may be due to his early career studying music, for harmony and rhythm are obvious qualities expressed in his work.

I admire how very hard he works at various jobs to help fund his pottery career. I hope that his continued success and growing profile will eventually allow him to devote even more time to his passion for clay.”


Valerie Metcalfe, Ceramic Artist



Reception Photos:

Friday, October 5th, 2018