ArtsJunktion: Call for Makers, Artists and Crafters

ArtsJunktion is a local creative reuse depot, focused on community building and increasing access to arts programming for people who have been traditionally excluded and isolated from access to the arts.

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ArtsJunktion hosts two types of workshops: ArtHives and Teacher Workshops.

ArtHives are free, drop in workshops for people of all experiences and skill levels. The focus of these workshops is to build strong and resilient communities through creativity. ArtHives happen twice a month, from 5-9pm.

Day Workshops* are a fee-based education and creative development opportunity for teachers, educators, support workers, and general community members. These day-time (9am-3pm) workshops are for people of all experiences and skill levels, and typically focus on specific art techniques and classroom/workplace application. Note that both workshops provide all materials.

ArtsJunktion is looking to hire artists, crafters, and makers of all kinds for our art programming. Artists/crafters/makers would be responsible for facilitating a workshop, providing simple and accessible instructions for participants, and collaborating with ArtsJunktion staff for content and materials.

ArtsJunktion hopes to employ artists and makers who have been marginalized by systems of oppression, colonization, and white supremacy. We recognize the importance of challenging the dominant narratives that continue to be overrepresented in the arts. We will be prioritizing BIPOC artists, and working on adhering to the Call to Action which encourages funding Indigenous artists.