Canadian Society for Education through Art

Educators are encouraged to submit manuscripts on any aspect of the teaching of art.

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Information for Prospective CAT Authors

  • Send your manuscripts on any aspect of the teaching of art in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools.
  • Send 3 double-spaced, typewritten copies in English or French (or WORD files attached to an e-mail) along with a written statement that the material is original and has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Visual materials, whether as illustration or the central focus of the article, are encouraged. Keep in mind that most of the journal is currently printed in black and white, and that all artwork and photos must have appropriate credits and permissions.
  • Review of resources, website and (academic, art and children’s) books are also welcome. Please send your postcards, pictures, manuscripts or ideas to:
CAT Editor:
April R. Mandrona, PhD
Assistant Professor
Interim Director of Art Education
Division of Art History & Contemporary Culture
NSCAD University
5163 Duke St.
Halifax, Canada B3J 3J6[email protected]