Nuit Blanche – Weaving Motions


Nuit Blanche: Immerse yourself in digital craft with Weaving Motions. This interactive installation will project a responsive digital weaving pattern in the gallery space creating unique colour and pattern shifts in response to individual movements. Visitors to the gallery will augment the weaving pattern in real-time through their physical presence and actions.


In the Gallery: Things Fall Apart is a solo exhibition exploring the crafted miniature worlds of Erika Dueck in the Shirley Richardson Craft Gallery. With precision and accuracy, Dueck crafts the internal spaces of her rooms out of everyday materials. Some rooms have the sense of purpose and utility found in the spaces we inhabit daily, while others display the unfamiliar and unconventional. She infuses her miniature spaces with details that hint at the passage of time, creating the impression of a living history within a fictional space.