MCC: Time Lapse Video Project ’19

Calling all MCC & C2 Members and Makers!

We want to show you off…in hyper speed!

Manitoba Craft Council is seeking time-lapse videos of our MCC & C2 members in action to feature as a video projection at CRAFTED and ZOO LIGHTS this year!



About the Project:

Time-Lapse Video Project ’19
Deadline: October 25th, 2019

Show us your process! Send us a time-lapse videos of you creating in action to feature in a video projection at CRAFTED at the WAG and ZOO LIGHTS this year!

The videos can range between 30 – 60 seconds (equaling  45 – 120 minutes of real time making) and can easily be created on most smart phones or apps listed here:
Lapse  It,  Framelapse,  Microsoft  Hyperlapse  and TimeLapse.

We will do some post production to the video and add your name in as well.

Here is a quick example:



Are you interested in participating in this?

It would amazing if we could have at least 30 examples of our fantastic members and their process. 

Deadline to receive the files is October 25th so we can do post production.


*MCC & C2 members only


It is all really easy to do. Just set up your phone and hit record, then send us the footage. 

Please don’t worry about whether or not you are a video pro. It always looks fantastic in time-lapse and it will be wonderful to bring the activity and work of our members to theses events.

Note: The footage still belongs to you. We will only use it to promote your work with name credit on our website, social media and at events.