Furniture Society 2020 Award of Distinction

The Award of Distinc­tion recog­nizes and cele­brates outstand­ing achieve­ment and long-stand­ing commit­ment by an indi­vid­ual or insti­tu­tion to the advance­ment of the art of furni­ture making. The Award is intended to strengthen the fabric of the Furni­ture Soci­ety’s commu­nity by naming and cele­brat­ing its aesthetic and intellectual leaders.
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In 2000, the Furniture Society’unanimously approved a proposal to create an Award of Distinction (AOD) that would recognize outstanding achievement and long standing commitment by an individual or institution to advance the art of furniture making. The Award was intended to strengthen the FS community by naming and celebrating its aesthetic and intellectual leaders. Past Awards have largely paid tribute to individuals who have exercised a profound impact on the furniture making field through their work, teaching and influence.