Volunteers Needed for Beading Symposium

Ziigimineshin Beading Symposium is looking for volunteers on February 6- 9, 2020.

The Symposium will be a four-day event full of fun activities and amazing talks. We will need volunteers to aid in the following positions: Gathering Transportation, Information Booth, Collection Visits, Elder Helpers, Crowd Management and Meal Volunteers. If you volunteer a day you will receive a day access to the Symposium and lunch will also be provided. Email us for more information at [email protected].

Some of the tasks may include:

  • Gathering Transportation Volunteer:

The Beading Symposium will be providing transportation for registrants staying at selected hotels. Volunteers will accompany the driver and alert registrants that their ride has arrived, assist with bags, and other duties as needed.  (No vehicle required.)

  • Information Booth/Registration Volunteer:

Ziigimineshin will be welcoming registrants to the Symposium. The first day volunteers (Feb 6) will check in Symposium participants and distribute the conference swag bags to registrants. Volunteers Feb 7-9 will answer questions and offer assistance in interpreting the schedule and locations of activities during the symposium.

  • Collection Visit Volunteer:

Collection Visit Volunteers will help accompany participants at off site collections visits, answer questions and offer support to organizations and participants during the collection visits.

  • Elder Helper Volunteer:

The Symposium will be a gathering place to share knowledge. This means many elders will be in attendance. The helper’s job is to be attentive to any needs elders may have during their time at the Symposium.

  • Crowd Management Volunteer

The Symposium will be hosted at the Manitoba Museum where there will be presentations, beading circles, a beading vendor’s area and areas of community sharing. We require individuals to assist participants in moving through the event and helping them find various locations within the Manitoba Museum.

  • Meal Volunteer:

Lunch will be provided by Feast and in this section volunteers will assist the Feast staff with distributing food and maintaining a welcoming and orderly eating experience.