Resources for the Craft Community in Response to COVID-19

Craft, as a practice, can be a real solace in difficult times. We’re also hearing how COVID-19 and the necessary precautions being taken to curb its spread are having immediate and devastating financial implications for craftspeople. MCC will be working with our partners both provincially and nationally to advocate for assistance that recognizes the unique challenges faced by craftspeople. Finding innovative ways to support our members and provide programming during these uncertain times is a priority for MCC staff and board.

Below are some resources that have been shared around by others in the craft community. We will continue to add and include links to more resources as they become available. If there is a resource you feel other members would benefit from that isn’t shown below, please let us know by sending us an email.


The Manitoba Craft Council would like to better understand how COVID-19 and the important measures being taken to combat its spread are affecting craftspeople. Please fill out the short survey here.  Information gleaned from this survey and others being conducted across the country will help the MCC and its national partner, the Canadian Crafts Federation, direct our advocacy and programming efforts during this time.

During these difficult times, the CCF, on behalf of provincial craft councils, has jumped into action, providing advice and connections wherever possible and conducting national advocacy as our collective reality shifts.  The CCF has released an open letter to the federal government advocating for increased support and flexibility that would immediately help craft artists.  

The Canada Council for the Arts has advised all artists to document their loss of revenues due to COVID-19. Our partners at Craft Alliance Atlantic have done a wonderful job providing new information to craft artists as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.  They have developed two “loss of revenues” documents that can help artists and arts organizations track their non-recoverable expenses and projected losses. You can download these documents here.



The Government of Canada has shared a number of resources for small businesses during this time:
Some more links for small businesses:
  • Tools and tactics that startups can use to prepare, plan and respond to the 2019 coronavirus disease (MaRS)