MCML School Programs at Home

Due to the C2 Centre for Craft being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and to assist teachers while they are teaching online, MCML is publishing an adapted online version of the Manitoba Symbols program.

Provided in this package is:

  • an outline of the presentation
  • images of the featured artifacts
  • activities for various skill levels.

Suitable for grades 1-6.


Using one-of-a-kind artifacts from MCML’s collection students will learn about crafted symbols of Manitoba and the people who made them. This program examines the Manitoba Sampler, the Manitoba Tartan, and the Metis Sash, all of which have unique histories. From natural history to industry, the Manitoba Sampler showcases the symbols we use to represent the province of Manitoba. The Manitoba Tartan harkens back to the Scottish settlers who founded the Red River Settlement and their impact on the province. We will also explore the rich Metis culture that grew alongside the province with the help of the Metis Sash. With the help of these artifacts students will explore themes of symbolism, identity, and their relation to craft.


Manitoba Symbols – Teacher Resource for online teaching