Ethel Harrison Maker’s Corner Online

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library’s Ethel Harrison Maker’s Corner allows visitors to the C2 Centre for Craft to get hands on with different craft processes. These activities give a brief introduction to many craft techniques, such as embroidery, knitting, weaving, and many more.

While the C2 Centre for Craft is closed, MCML is posting short tutorials of craft activities from the Ethel Harrison Maker’s Corner to promote learning as well to give you something new to try while you are isolating. These activities require minimal supplies and use materials that you can find at home. Share what you made with us on social media!


Cardboard Weaving

Materials: Yarn, scrap fabric, or other weaving materials; cardboard; scissors; tape




Finger Knitting

Materials: Yarn; fingers; scissors





Materials: Fork; yarn; scissors




Spool Knitting

Materials: Toilet paper roll; yarn; scissors; tape; pencils/chopsticks/skewers




Friendship Bracelet

Materials: Yarn, embroidery floss, or any kind of string; scissors; tape