Masks & Makers Online Fundraising Auction

Masks & Makers Online Fundraising Auction in Support of Craft and Craftspeople in Manitoba

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Over the past few months, masks have have become commonplace in our communities. On the bus, in the grocery store, at the doctor’s office – even in parks and playgrounds – people are donning masks to protect themselves and those around them. The mask, so closely tied to ideas of caution and care, has become emblematic of these strange and difficult pandemic times we’re living in. As such, the mask is fertile ground for the artistic imagination. Artists all over the world have been playing with the form and concept of the mask, using it as a way to express personal and cultural identity, make a political statement, reflect on this pandemic time, or just have fun.

Locally, Manitoba Craft Council members and friends have been creating masks, both functional and beyond, as well as mask-inspired artwork that reflect our current moment. We now invite YOU to support craft and craftspeople in your community by bidding at our online Masks and Makers fundraising auction. For many of us, craft has played an important role in our lives: it’s a profession, a passion, an income generator, a mental health outlet, a source of pride, community, and cultural connection. Craft has helped to keep us healthy, so let’s return the favour: bid on your favourite masks or mask-themed artwork and help keep craft alive and vital.


Lot #1
opens July 27, 2020
closes August 7, 9 pm

Lot #2
opens August 8, 2020
closes August 21, 9 pm

Lot #3
opens August 22, 2020
closes September 4, 9 pm



Can anyone bid?
Just sign up at the auction site here.

I hate computers.  Can I see the work and bid in person?
You betcha!  Come on down to the C2 Centre for Craft, 1-329 Cumberland Ave where the masks will be on display while the auction lot is live.  Staff will help you place a bid.  No computer experience necessary.

How will the auction work?
The auction is divided into three lots.  Each lot will be available online for public viewing and bidding, in person and online, for approximately two weeks. At the auction lot’s close, the highest bidder for each item will be the winner. If you’re the highest bidder, you’ll receive an email letting you know you’ve won that piece.  You will be given the option to pay via credit card or PayPal. You’ll be able to pick up your piece at the C2 Centre for Craft.

Will any of the proceeds go directly to the craftspeople and artists who made the work?
Anyone submitting work to this auction will be asked to indicate what percentage of the sale of their artwork they wish to donate to the MCC, from 50% to 100%.

Who do I contact with questions? or call 204.615.3951