Manitoba Craft Council Maker Challenge Online Gallery

During the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Manitoba Craft Council released a Maker Challenge every Friday for 8 consecutive weeks. These challenges were a simple way in which the community could connect, be inspired, and keep creating in a time of isolation. This online gallery is a compilation of all of the wonderful work of those who participated.


Challenge #1 Combine a technique that is familiar and comfortable with a material that is unfamiliar to you.

Challenge #1 Leandra Brandson Video Link 

Challenge # 2 Destroy something big or small that you’ve made and no longer feel connected to. Photograph the result.

Maker Challenge #2 Leandra Brandson Video Link

Maker Challenge # 2 David McMillan Video Link  

Maker Challenge #2 Cody Hambly 

Maker Challenge # 3 Create work that reflects your experience of distancing and isolation.


Challenge #4  Make something from everyday materials found in your home, yard or on walk

Challenge #5 Make something that responds to or can be worn on the body. All materials and approaches are welcome.


Challenge #6 Create work inspired by something you’re anticipating or looking forward to

Challenge #7 Combine a material that is familiar and comfortable with a technique that is unfamiliar to you


Challenge #8 Complete something that has remained unfinished.