Call for Submissions: C2 Shop Holiday Ornament Sale

C2 Centre for Craft Shop
Annual Holiday Ornament Sale
Call for Submissions

DEADLINE: October 8, 2020 (extended)

The C2 Shop is seeking submissions for its annual Holiday Ornament Sale.  Ornaments will be on display at C2 from Friday, November 6, 2020 to December 19, 2020 (or until they are sold!)

What you need to know:
-you must be an MCC or MCML member to apply
-you may submit images of actual ornaments OR a description/sketch of the proposed ornament AND images of similar past work
-one of a kind or production ornaments (ie. multiples of the same work) are acceptable
-original work in any craft-based medium is welcome: ceramic, fibre, metal, paper, recycled material, stone, glass and wood
-each artist may make up to three submissions (multiples will be considered as one work)
-submissions will be juried by the C2 Shop committee
-applicants will be advised of the committee’s decision by October 8, 2020
-all work must be for sale, on consignment, with 60% commission paid to the artist

To apply, please submit using the Google Form here:

You will need to provide

  • a maximum of 3 jpeg images of each proposed ornament, up to 9 images total
  • an image list indicating material content and prices (upload a file in Word or PDF format)
  • your name and email address

Find out more about membership at:

QUESTIONS about the C2 Shop or membership?
Contact us:

Manitoba Craft Council
Tammy Sutherland, Director
(204) 615.3951

Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library
Andrea Reichert, Curator
(204) 615.3951