2021 Susan Beech Mid-Career Artist Grant


  • To recognize a mid-career artist with a substantial practice who has made a significant contribution to the field
  • To provide the resources for the development and implementation of a significant jewelry-related project that the artist would not otherwise have the means to undertake


  • An unrestricted cash grant of $20,000 to be paid over two years ($10,000 at the signing of the contract, $5,000 twelve months after the signing, and $5,000 upon the project’s completion)
  • All monies must be used for the implementation of the project
    • The artist will be responsible for taxes and payments to subcontractors
    • Every six months, the artist must provide a maximum one-page update on project progress and how grant monies are being spent
    • Please note: The funds cannot be used to pay for previously incurred expenses


  • The proposed project must be about jewelry, loosely defined as:
    • Worn on the body or enhances the body in some way
    • May utilize jewelry frms and/or history
    • May consist of any manner of materials
  • There must be a specific and concrete outcome to the project, and the proposed project must be completed within a two-year time frame
  • Examples of projects could include (but are not limited to):
    • The creation of a new body of work
    • A book, catalog, or other publication
    • Research and develpment, including travel study
    • Performance art involving jewelry
    • An educational or social initiative involving jewelry
  • A proposal that was submitted previously may be submitted again

Applications must be received by 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time (Denver, Colorado, USA) on Sunday, January 10, 2021.

Find out more on how to apply here.