“GAACZINE” Call of Entry: Time of Love & Friendship


Organize & publish an 8-page zine bi-monthly compiled of works by members expressing their appreciation of glass culture: the process, the medium, the form, the community, or all of the above.

The first milestone will be the publication of the first GAACzine volume, which will be released for crowdfunding conferences.

The GAACzine’s Call of Entry is now open.
Two (2) issues have been released with the intention of introducing the initiative and demonstrating a few ways members can contribute (but not all of them; the sky’s the limit & we welcome your creativity!). GAACzine is a great opportunity for self-expression beyond studio craft, as some of our members have limited studio access or resources due to various reasons (the pandemic, financial standing, life).

The primary theme for the zine is “glass culture”, while secondary themes such as holiday/season and creative challenges coincide with the month of release (see Submissions for details). A zine is more of an art form than a professional piece of literature, and as such can be approached openly and interpreted subjectively.

We humbly thank you for considering this act of donation. Members submitting to the GAACzine grant their consent to have the work featured on the organization’s social media platforms outside the published issue for promotional purposes and compiled in volumes in the future. Should a member be concerned about posting their work online, an option to submit or request a watermarked copy is permitted. Proceeds from any physical issues or volumes go to crowdfunding for GAAC’s conferences and initiatives. Successful submissions are credited with the artist’s full name and contact information (ex. username, Instagram / Twitter handle, business name, URL, etc.) and the artist maintains their rights to the work.

PDF copies of zine issues are available to view and print for free through emails launched to members on release dates. Physical copies will be available for purchase at GAAC events.


Note: GAACzine is released in both French & English, but you are not required to translate your materials. We welcome any type of submission from our English- and French-speaking members!
However: GAAC maintains the right to determine which works to include or decline based on quality and intent. Submissions that misrepresent or fail to meet our criteria will not be selected.



Must be a current member of the Glass Art Association of Canada


Time of Love & Friendship.

We will only be accepting submissions via [email protected].

Submissions are due by February 7th.

Issue 03 is scheduled to release February 14th.

Please have ready the following information, for your submission:

  1. Full Name (preferably matching with your GAAC Artist Profile)
  2. Social Media handle of choice (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)
  3. Artist/Shop Website URL

Email your submission: One (1) submission per issue. Please note, images must be of professional quality.
Minimum file size 2500 pixels in the widest dimension, 300 dpi PNG.

Types of Submissions include:

  • Graphic
    • Drawings/Illustrations
    • Sketches
    • Comic strips
    • Photographs
    • Memes (a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc.)
    • Collage
      • magazine cutouts
      • photocopied memorabilia (ex. Burnt newspaper, kevlar, refractory brick, etc)
      • Newspaper/Online articles w/ highlighted passages
  • Written
    • Short stories
    • Jokes
    • Advice
    • Poetry
    • DIY Projects (short step-by-step segment on something you make)

We will not accept:

  • Explicit content (ex. nudity/eroticism, violence)
  • Religious/political content
  • Hate speech

2020 – 21 Zines & Themes

The issues of the zine are released bi-monthly / every other month. Thus, there are 6 zines throughout the year. For 2020-21, here’s a list of the release months & their additional themes:

  • October: Fall / Halloween (Released)
  • December: Winter / Holidays (Released)
  • February: Time of Love & Friendship
  • April: Spring / Hope
  • June: Summer / National Writing Day Issue [ we encourage written content about glass]
  • August: Summer / Challenge [ex. Draw in your own style, Scavenger Hunt, etc.]

Keep in mind, a submission doesn’t have to be related to a months’ theme to be considered. In addition, submissions that are more general or unthematic may be carried over to future issues, with permission from the artist/contributor.

Note: This is a members’ creative initiative. If you have any membership questions, please contact the Communications team before the application deadline at [email protected]. For any inquiries regarding the GAACzine itself, email [email protected].