MCC Spring Talks Series

The MCC is excited to be hosting a series of online artist talks via Youtube live! Taking place over the next few months, you can find a preview of some of the speakers below. Stay tuned for more details!  The Spring Talk Series is brought to you by Manitoba Craft Council and MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art).

All talks will be streamed live and saved on on our Youtube channel, which can be found here.

Connie Chappel: March 18, 2021 at 7pm
Primordial Female Power
Connie Chappel will talk about the tree in art making as the universal Mother symbolizing all phases of life.

Nehal El-Hadi: March 25, 2021 at 7pm
Text and Tactility: Perspectives on writing about craft
Writing about craft means writing about our world through the objects we create. Writing about craft and making is an invitation to write about the complex issues we face in everyday life: the environment, migration, labour, social relations, beauty, etc. In this talk we’ll explore how we use language to communicate our experiences with craft, and how, in talking about craft and making, we’re really talking about our place in the world.

Amina Haswell: May 13th, 2021 at 7pm
Broom Making and the fibers that bind us around the Globe
Brooms are used all over the world for daily and ritual cleansing of spaces. As the most common household tool every corner of the globe has relied upon readily accessible materials and time tested methods to make these essential household tools.  The materials used vary from country to country and are recognized for their distinct benefits and or renewability. While the making of natural fiber brooms has gone through is fair share of cycles of being in favour; and out of favor for inexpensive plastic varieties. Most continents still find use and have local artisans that today still make handmade brooms using locally accessible fibres. We will explore some of the styles of brooms used around the globe and the materials used to make them. This lecture /talk will also  highlight some of the fibres that can be locally grown or found in Manitoba to make a functional and beautiful broom.

KC Adams: June 10, 2021 at 7pm*
Reclaiming my Spirit Through Clay
Clay is a catalyst for change, and a catalyst for reclaiming your own personal history.  KC Adams will speak about her journey to working with clay, and how her connection with clay has helped her learn about her ancestors and her blood memory. Through her teachings, KC will share how others can use clay to connect with their own ancestors and history, regardless of background, skill level or age.

*Rescheduled from April 8, 2021