Craft + Trivia Night

MCML Craft + Trivia Night Fundraiser

Support MCML and have fun putting your trivia knowledge to the test. Questions will test a broad selection of topics including Canadian Inventions, Manitoba Parks and Board Games.  We’ll be sneaking in a few craft related questions too!

Event platforms
This event will be held using Zoom and its Breakout Room function.  Throughout the evening your team will be sent to your Virtual Breakout Room to brainstorm the questions in private.  After each round all participants will come together to learn the answers and then be given instructions for the next round.

The answers will be submitted to MCML using Survey Monkey.

Team information 
Register with a team of four family, friends or colleagues. Team members can be located in one home or they can be in four different locations.  They can even be in different cities, countries and time zones, so you can play with people all over the world!

We can link you all up through the magic of Zoom using the breakout room function. If you are all in one household bubble you can also participate through one device.

Device Recommendation
We strongly recommend that at least one person on the team have a laptop.  Some of the Zoom functions do not work well on cellphones or tablets/iPads.

If you’re just in it for the prizes there are some great items up for grabs!  We will have more details on this soon.

When: April 24, 2021 @ 7:00 pm CST

Where: Online through Zoom!

Registration Deadline: April 22, 2021, 4:00 pm

Registration Process: Teams of up to four participants must register as a group, including the names of all team members and the team name. Submit only 1 registration form per team.

Tickets: $50 for a team of up to 4 participants 


Register Here:

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