Up-and-Coming Craft : Youth and Emerging Artist Digital Exhibition

Up-and-Coming Craft

Youth and Emerging Artist Digital Exhibition

Show Run: July 8th – August 20, 2022 


The Manitoba Craft Council is pleased to accept submissions for “Up-and-Coming Craft”, a digital show for youth and recent graduates of a post secondary program who are working in a craft-based medium or using craft techniques. 


This show will be presented in an online exhibition on the C2 Centre for Craft website, and will be displayed on a screen at the C2 Centre for Craft for our in-person visitors. 


This is a non-juried show; all eligible submissions will be accepted and displayed. See below for eligibility criteria. 



– This is a non-juried show. All people with eligible applications will be accepted.

  • All artists who submit with an eligible application will receive a free 1-year student membership to the Manitoba Craft Council. A student membership gives you access to:
    • Our bi-weekly e-newsletter with current news and information on events and opportunities in contemporary craft.
    • Access to exhibition, sales, and professional development opportunities, including the ability to submit to our non-juried member show in 2023.
    • Hosting of a free online gallery page on our website at c2centreforcraft.ca.
    • A free subscription to Studio: Craft and Design in Canada magazine. Two issues per year will be mailed directly to your home. 

– One recipient for “best in show” will receive a $200 prize.

– All artworks will be shared on our social media accounts during the show run.



  1. All submissions must be either made from a craft medium OR use a craft-based technique
  • Craft Mediums: wood, ceramic/clay, paper, textiles, glass, metal, leather, stone
  • Examples of Craft Techniques: carving, weaving, beading, stitching, printmaking, screen printing, welding, woodworking, etc. 
  • Submissions can be functional or conceptual
    • Functional: items that people can use in their everyday life such as dishes, tables, clothing, home decor, and many others
    • Conceptual: items that are made for creative purposes and to tell a broader story or illustrate an idea, but use craft materials or techniques


  1. All submissions must come from youth, current students, or recent graduates. You are eligible to submit if you fall into any of the following groups:
  • College, Undergraduate, and Graduate students of any age
  • Recent graduates (past 24 months) from a High School, College, Undergraduate or Graduate program, of any age
  • Any resident of Manitoba, age 16-25 years regardless of educational status. 


Not Eligible: 

  • Submissions that are primarily fine arts with no connection to craft. For example: drawings, paintings, digital artwork that doesn’t connect to craft. If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to us and ask!
  • People over the age of 25 who are not students or recent graduates.
  • Submissions from outside of Manitoba.



Please submit through the Google Form HERE

Basic Information
– Name
– Address (office use only)

– Phone Number (office use only)

– Email (office use only)

– Social media handles (optional)


Wall Label Information
Artwork Title

Date work was made


Please attach a still image (high res if possible) of the artwork. Please only submit one image per person


All respondents will receive a copy of their submission via email after they submit through Google Forms. In addition, all applicants will receive an email from the MCC by June 20th, 2022. If you do not receive an email from the MCC the week of the submission deadline, please contact us directly at the email listed below. 


Questions? Please contact [email protected] in advance of the deadline for assistance.