Indigenous Beadwork, Embroidery and Quillwork Museum Submission

In 2022 the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library and the Ross House Museum will be embarking on an ambitious and exciting project: Indigenous Beadwork, Embroidery and Quillwork: A Cultural Celebration.  This project is part of our steps towards reconciliation between museums and Indigenous people.

During this project the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library and Ross House Museum will be partners to locate, research, present and celebrate pre-1900 Manitoba Indigenous beadwork, embroidery and quillwork from museums across Manitoba. The public celebrations will take place through exhibits, programming, events with community members, and social media posts.

At this stage we are reaching out to the museum community in Manitoba.  If you have Indigenous items in your collection with beadwork, embroidery or quillwork that you think might be from the pre-1900 era, we would like to hear from you.

The benefits for you museum include:

  • We will research your pieces and provide information on date, culture/community of origin, technique, materials, and more. You will be able to use this information to accurately interpret these items to your visitors and audience.
  • The items may be included in the searchable on-line database of Indigenous work in Manitoba (with your permission).
  • Some pieces may be selected for the exhibit at the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library, currently scheduled for March 2023.
  • Some pieces may be featured through various on-line presentations.
  • More public awareness of your museum and its collections.

This project has been funded by the Community Museum Project Grants program (Province of Manitoba) and The Winnipeg Foundation.

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