MCML Workshop: Intro to Lace Knitting with Adriana Alarcón 

Lace knitting is a practice of patience, focus and perseverance. Learn how to decode lace knitting graphs and written instructions to create beautiful, intricate lace. Find a balance between adding interest and degree of difficulty. Learn about different stitches used and yarns that are combined with the finest needles.

A variety of pattern sources will be available for you to choose the perfect pattern for your level of experience.

Working knowledge of basic knitting stitches is required.

This is a two week workshop held on November 26 and December 3, 1pm – 4pm

Face masks are required at the C2 Centre for Craft


November 18, 2022


$100 for MCML Members, plus $30 kit fee

$110 for non-members, plus $30 kit fee

Each student receives: clipboard, highlighters, black sharpie, ruler, stitch holder, graph paper pad, several stitch holders, one sppol of good quality lace weight yarn, and needles (choice of bamboo or metal plus cable needles).


*Payment is required as soon as possible to complete your registration. Payment is non-refundable.

Sorry, this workshop is currently full. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at204-615-3951.

Meet your Instructor: Adriana Alarcón

Adriana Alarcón is an artist living on Treaty 1 territory. A first-generation immigrant from Guatemala of complex identities, Alarcón is Latine, cisgender, queer and living with disability. As a Mestiza woman, she recognizes Maya K’ekchi’ and her Spanish ancestry (though no direct claim to Indigenous community). These identities guide her work to explore coexisting contradictions in everyday life.

Alarcón incorporates cultural craft traditions and ancestral knowledge with contemporary narratives using fibre-based crafts, such as knitting, crochet, embroidery, beading and weaving. She has a bachelor’s degree from York University in Cultural Studies. Alarcón combined her art practice with arts administration in Toronto and Winnipeg working at artist-run centres such as A Space, CARFAC Ontario, Craft Action TO and MAWA.